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Sunday Morning LIVE

Sunday Mornings meet others in your local community via Internet to talk about the Bible

"This is just what I needed to hear"

Many of us can relate to a time when we picked something up that literally changed the course of some outcome in our life.

Well, that is the level of impact we often are looking for and to repeat it again and again.  Meeting with a small group of people with similar background or common interest can play an important role in breakthrough moments. 

Sunday Morning Live is a Sunday morning virtual gathering of people coming together to talk about spiritual things and sharing words of encouragement (not in person but over the internet/phone).  You will be speaking with a small group of others you may come to call your friends. You will be discussing topics in the Bible that have relevance in our lives generating insights and sharing and you may just shout out "THIS IS JUST WHAT I NEEDED TO HEAR!"

Join Others Like Yourself

​Talk & Learn With Others

About the Bible

Spiritual Encouragement

Sunday Morning From Your Home

Real People

Real Life

Really Uplifting

Christian Virtual Small Groups Bible Discussion

Have a coffee or tea and meet others like yourself.  In today's busy world technology exists that allows us to connect with others from the relaxed privacy of our own homes yet meet new people right in our own community.  So you are not talking to someone in Kalamazoo but right in your own home town.

 There's lots of people who enjoy talking and learning spiritual things.  Infact most of us do!  Take the first step toward personal renewal – join us for Bible Study discussion this weekend!